The teaching staff of the School of Paleoanthropology of Perugia is annually selected by the Scientific Committee with the goal of building an updated, diverse and high-level educational offer.

For the 2019 edition we invited the following lecturers in Perugia:

Opening conference:
Stefano Benazzi
Professor of paleoanthropology and bioarchaeology at the University of Bologna, his studies focus mainly on the recent phases of human evolution (Middle-Upper Paleolithic), that is, on the spread of anatomically modern humans in Europe and the extinction of Neanderthals. His research makes extensive use of computer-based methods for morphological and morphometric analysis of skeletal remains, especially teeth. Since 2017 he has directed the project “SUCCESS – The earliest migration of Homo sapiens in southern Europe: understanding the biocultural processes that define our uniqueness”, funded by the European Research Council (ERC).

Closing conference:
Kennis & Kennis
The Dutch twins Adrie and Alfons Kennis are among the most popular living paleoartists. Authors of splendid illustrations of prehistoric animals, are known above all as sculptors of life size models of hominids, exhibited in some of the most important museums in the world (Natural History Museum London, Museum Naturalis Leiden, Neanderthalmuseum Mettman, MUSE Trento, etc.). Their reconstructions, extremely accurate from the scientific point of view, are distinguished by their exceptional expressiveness, which is their true trademark. It is due to them, among other things, the recent realization of the Altamura Man’s reconstruction, exhibited in the Apulian city.

Special guest of the 9th Edition:
Silvana Condemi
Paleoanthropologist, CNRS research director at the University of Aix-Marseille, France. Her research focuses on Neanderthals and the first modern humans in the Middle East, as well as on the evolution Middle Pleistocene populations and on the variability of Homo sapiens. She is the author of numerous books, including “Mio Caro Neandertal“, written in collaboration with François Savatier and published in Italy by Bollati Boringhieri.

First Level – Basic training
Daniele Aureli (Università di Bologna), Archaeology
Giovanni Boschian (Università di Pisa), Geology, Prehistoric Ecology
Marco Cherin (Università di Perugia), Vertebrate Paleontology
Jacopo Crezzini, Francesco Boschin (Università di Siena), Archaeozoology
Stefano Grimaldi (Università di Trento), Archaeology
Donatella Magri (Sapienza Università di Roma), Paleobotany
Giorgio Manzi (Sapienza Università di Roma), Paleoanthropology
Damiano Marchi (Università di Pisa), Functional Morphology
Jacopo Moggi Cecchi (Università di Firenze), Paleoanthropology
Olga Rickards (Università di Roma Tor Vergata), Molecular Anthropology

Second Level – Workshop All about Neanderthals
Directed by Giorgio Manzi (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Costantino Buzi (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Fabio Di Vincenzo (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Donatella Magri (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Ileana Micarelli (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Antonio Profico (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Marco Cherin (Università di Perugia)
Stefano Grimaldi (Università di Trento)
Fabio Santaniello (Università di Trento)
Giovanni Boschian (Università di Pisa)
Damiano Marchi (Università di Pisa)
Jacopo Moggi Cecchi (Università di Firenze)
Olga Rickards (Università di Roma Tor Vergata)
Flavio De Angelis (Università di Roma Tor Vergata)