The School of Paleoanthropology offers a teaching program articulated on two levels:

First levelbasic training
Open to students, graduates, PhD students, teachers and paleoanthropology enthusiasts, it aims to offer a basic knowledge in the field of paleoanthropology and related disciplines (molecular anthropology, vertebrates paleontology, prehistoric archeology, archeozoology, Quaternary geology, etc.).

Second levelthematic workshop
Specialist and professionalizing course focused, year by year, on a specific theme/methodological approach. Dedicated to participants with good knowledge in paleoanthropology and/or related disciplines, which are interested in deepening the issue in question.

Workshop Edition 2024

Genes, dispersal and mixing
Ancient DNA tells

We will deal with the study of ancient DNA, starting from the historical notes of the discipline with the birth of paleogenetics, up to the paleogenomics, which has revolutionized the study of human evolution by providing scenarios first difficult to imagine. The characteristics of the ancient DNA, the commonly analyzed finds (bones, teeth) and laboratory methods used for sampling, DNA extraction and its sequencing will be examined. We will see the most important discoveries of the last decade that have led to redesigning the scenarios of interaction between our species and Neanderthal, to discovering a new hominin species, the Denisovans, and to characterizing of the dispersal and mixing processes that led to the composition of the genetic pool of living European populations.

The lessons will be held from Monday 19/02 to Friday 23/02/2024 at the Department of Physics and Geology, Palazzo delle Scienze, Piazza dell’Università.

For each day, the lessons will have a total duration of 8 hours (4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon).
The last two hours (Friday 23/02/2024, 16: 30–18: 30) will be dedicated to the final evaluation test.

The last day of the School (Saturday 24/02/2024, until about 13:00) will take place at the Gallery of Natural History of the University of Perugia, in Casalina (Deruta, PG).

Saturday will be dedicated to:

  • Closing conference by Lorenzo Possenti
  • Delivery of participation certificates.

Together with the participation certificate, each participant will be given a detailed certificate reporting the list of all classes attended and the result of the final test.

Participation in the SDP allows you to get a maximum of 6 CFUs.
The CFU achieved with the School must be validated by the bodies in charge of the respective universities of origin of the participants.

The School of Paleoanthropology is an accredited training course at the Ministry of Education. For participation, teachers can use the CARTA DEL DOCENTE.


The first level (basic training) is open to a maximum of 50 participants.
The second level (thematic workshop) is open to a maximum of 60 participants.
Only the first 50 registrations received for the first level and the first 60 for the second level will therefore be considered valid.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to communicate any changes in the maximum limit of participants.